Make properties more attractive with virtual home staging

As a real estate consultant, you are always looking for new ways to satisfy your clients and close deals that are beneficial to both parties. Are you up to date with the concept of virtual home staging?

Join us to discover this method to attract more and more buyers’ interest and achieve profitable sales more quickly!

What is virtual home staging?

In simple terms, virtual home staging is called the set of techniques and tools that allow you to decorate properties digitally. It can be applied to homes, offices or warehouses, as well as other indoor or outdoor spaces.

This method aims to stage a design suggestion for a space based on photographs of it, with highly realistic results. To do this, graphic editing software is used.

Virtual home staging is designed for use by real estate professionals and aims to increase the visibility of properties, boost their value and accelerate the business< /b>.

To make the most of this technique, you need to be aware of the target audience interested in buying or renting the property in question. This will determine the digital decoration to be applied, as well as the promotional efforts. Solid marketing, tasteful design and knowledge of the real estate market are the keys to a successful formula.

As a real estate consultant, you will do well to explore the characteristics and advantages of virtual home staging , as it guarantees a greater power of attraction to the properties it sells.

What does virtual home staging allow?

The method allows you to imagine and visualize what a room or the entire house would look like after being decorated. With the graphic editor, you can add furniture and decorative elements, adjust lighting, paint the walls, modernize certain aspects, remove unwanted objects, get a sense of the space utilization, among many other features.

Although physical home staging can be more immersive and corresponds to reality, it requires much more time, logistics, monetary resources and labor. The digital alternative is the option to take!

Have you ever imagined how your career can be enhanced by having a tool that highlights strengths, mitigate weaknesses, create new added value and improve the appearance of your property portfolio?

Virtual home staging helps to clearly understand that, just because it is empty or poorly furnished, does not mean that a property does not have potential. The realistic simulation makes the space pleasant, attractive and functional.

Basically, the technique allows the buyer or tenant to visualize and feel what it would be like to live in that house. With this in mind, it is important to have balance and not create exaggerated digital staging, but rather strive for modern, clean and inviting design.

The advantages of virtual home staging

You know better than anyone that, in the work of real estate mediation, the Advantages for you always come from the benefits you offer to customers. And virtual home staging offers many!

For those interested in their properties, it is impressive to be able to clearly see the difference between the before and after of the virtual staging. The fact that they can imagine themselves enjoying the cozy and well-decorated space every day creates an emotional connection.

Data analysis proves that virtual home staging generates more views, time on page, likes and interactions. It is a powerful and differentiating asset for the real estate consultant. Naturally, this translates into greater business volume!

Let’s summarize the advantages that virtual home staging guarantees for your sales?

• Greater public interest in viewing the photos, exploring the advertisement and discovering the property;
• Greater speed of purchase or rental;
• Potential to close the business for more attractive values;
• Much faster and cheaper than traditional home staging;
• The costs are minimal compared to the risks of the property not attracting interest or depreciating considerably due to being on the market for too long.

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