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The 7 main repairs to make before selling your house

If you are thinking about selling a house, it is natural that you will have some difficulties in prioritizing the repairs to be done to stimulate, as much as possible, the interest of buyers.

The truth is that, although an investment is necessary, repairs significantly increase the probability, speed and profitable potential of selling your home.

Follow us as we explore the main work to do to leave your home in the best condition and boost your business.


1. Ensure problem-free plumbing

plumbing problems are some of the most frustrating and, at times, expensive and complex. No one wants to have inconveniences with one of the most essential services for everyday domestic life: water supply and drainage.

In fact, poor plumbing quickly scares away buyers. Although it can be costly to open your wallet to resolve plumbing problems, it makes selling your home considerably easier and more profitable. It also conveys an image of care and transparency.


2. Repair the cracks

The cracks in the walls and ceilings do not go unnoticed by anyone who visits your home. Therefore, correcting these imperfections, which can range from simple visual nuisances to structural hazards, is essential to transmit panache and confidence before sell house.

Most of the time, fixing cracks is not a complicated or expensive task, but it does have an impact on the property’s value.


3. Repaint

The freshly painted interiors and exteriors immediately give a new charm to the home. It is natural for the buyer to change some aspects of the painting after purchase, to adjust it to their taste. Still, a good painting is very attractive when showing the house to interested buyers. dirty or chipped surfaces should be the priority.

The facade, ceilings and walls must be in very good condition, especially if light colors are preferred, which tend to become more dirty and yellowish.

In fact, light and neutral tones are more captivating for most future owners. This is because they give a more spacious, inviting and bright identity to the environment, as well as a less austere look.


4. Resolve the damaged floor

The condition of the pavement is very important. Normally, the damage is visible and automatically reduces the charm of the space in the eyes of the buyer.

The good news is that, nowadays, there are several simple, modern and affordable solutions to repair or replace damaged floors, which not only give them a good appearance, but also security.


5. Pay attention to dishes and taps

crockery and taps in the bathroom and kitchen may show signs of wear, breakage, dirt, rust or water leaks. It is a mistake to try to sell your house without paying attention to these aspects.

Interested visitors may wonder what else has been neglected in the property. Whether it involves cleaning, repair or replacement, ensure that the dishes and taps are in good condition and look impeccable.


6. Maximize your kitchen’s potential

The kitchen is a crucial room in any housing. Since, to begin with, all family members spend time in the kitchen, it has to be a functional space. If so, the property is significantly valued.

As such, a valuable recommendation for selling your house is to renovate the kitchen (within your budget, of course). The storage space, the functional arrangement of the elements and the good lighting are some of the strong points most appreciated by buyers.


7. Enhance the exterior of your home

Does your home have a garden, backyard, patio, terrace, or other outdoor space? Even if it is small, an outdoor area is a differentiating factor when selling a house, as many properties do not have this extra advantage. However, to make the most of the attractive power of these spaces, you must take care of them and highlight them properly.

A home with trees or flowers, a beautiful and safe fence and some furniture to enjoy the sun and the outdoors is the dream of families with children or animals. If you cannot carry out a renovation of this size, don’t forget to leave the space clear and clean, the plants pruned and the grass cut.


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