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Is business life insurance a good bet?

corporate life insurance is a product that meets the expectations of workers worldwide. According to the study Workforce 2020, 50 % of respondents would like companies to focus more on the physical, psychological and financial well-being of their employees.

In this article we show you the reasons why this type of insurance is a good bet for companies.

Betting on corporate life insurance attracts talent!

In the current labor market, workers increasingly value the additional benefits that companies have to offer. And in this aspect there are points that, while being beneficial for human resources, end up generating returns for companies.

Largely influenced by foreign companies that are beginning to establish themselves in Portugal, corporate life insurance is gaining strength in our country.

Choosing a product of this type makes companies more valuable, attractive and competitive. Three factors can be identified as benefits in the relationship between company and worker.

1. Greater worker productivity

Insurance that, in the event of death, disability or illness, provides compensation to the family ends up being a motivating agent.

Contracting a product of this type proves that the company cares about its employees and ensuring their future and that of those close to them. In this way, a feeling of gratitude and desire to reciprocate with maximum effort, dedication and commitment is generated.

2. Greater satisfaction

Corporate life insurance ends up bringing greater social peace within the organization. Employees with a higher quality of life are more satisfied. And this is reflected in your relationship between colleagues.

3. Greater ability to attract and retain talent

Even though we live in a time of high qualifications, it is increasingly difficult to capture and retain talent in companies.

New generations are increasingly looking for well-being benefits for themselves and their families. life insurance business is an excellent option to face the competition and ensure that your best human resources hesitate when thinking about change.

Benefits of life insurance for companies

On the employer’s side, there are also benefits to taking out corporate life insurance for its employees. These are related not only to tax advantages, but also to the cost-benefit ratio of this type of insurance.

1. Exemption from TSU

Premiums for this type of insurance are an additional benefit to your salary. The amount in question is not subject to payment of the Single Social Tax (TSU).

2. IRC deduction

In a country known for its heavy tax burden, corporate life insurance can be a good incentive. Premiums are considered a fiscal cost, meaning they end up being reflected in a reduction in IRC.

In order for the tax reduction to reach 15% of salary expenses, it is necessary to guarantee disability compensation. Furthermore, benefits must be available to the majority of workers, according to precise and objective parameters.

3. Great value for money

The amount payable for business life insurance is not very significant, especially if we take into account the tax benefits. Even so, the cost to the company varies depending on the level of protection offered.

The advantages in terms of motivation, productivity and employee retention weigh in the balance, so the gains always end up outweighing the costs.


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