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Be a successful insurance intermediary at DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES

Anyone who works as an insurance intermediary knows that life takes many turns and, from one moment to the next, circumstances can change radically.

Unemployment, low wages, lack of professional recognition and lack of progression are factors that accelerate the need for change and the search for a better career.

If you are in one of these situations and are considering changing your professional activity, find out why joining the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES insurance mediation team could be the ideal solution for you.


What does an insurance intermediary do?

The insurance intermediary is a person, natural or legal, who acts as an intermediary between the insurer and the consumer when taking out insurance. It makes your customers’ lives easier when researching and choosing solutions that are suited to their reality and needs.

Since the activity of insurance mediation is regulated by law, to work as an insurance mediator, it is essential to have an authorization issued by Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF), the body responsible for regulation and supervision of this sector of activity. Such authorization was attributed to DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS.


About DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS, a solid group and a growing network

DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS is a Portuguese company of great prestige and recognized credibility . It operates in 5 major business areas and offers 360° solutionsto its clients: real estate mediation, construction mediation, property construction, credit intermediation and insurance mediation.

DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES works with almost all insurance companies in Portugal and seeks to obtain great market solutions for its clients. Mediates all types of insurance, namely: life insurance, health, automobile , personal accidents, multi-risk housing, work accidents and many others.


6 Reasons to embrace a career as an insurance mediator at DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES

More than a company, DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS is a business network that guarantees all its employees a source of sharing, knowledge and help. It consists of a central multidisciplinary structure that provides specific support in different areas.

2021 proved to be an extremely positive year for DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES in the field of insurance mediation. Compared to the challenging year 2020, turnover in this business area grew 25%.

But there are even more reasons to join DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES’ team of excellent insurance intermediaries.


1. Attractive commissions

DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES is one of the largest insurance intermediaries in Portugal and the high volume of business generated allows it to negotiate more attractive commission models with insurers. Therefore, the agreed commissions are higher when compared to small and medium-sized insurance intermediaries.


2. Wide range of partnerships = more business opportunities

DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES has privileged relationships with almost all insurance companies operating in Portugal, which guarantees the insurance intermediary a wide range of options to provide advantageous business solutions to its customers and guarantee their loyalty.

This customization capacity and the competitive prices offered by DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES enable insurance intermediaries to close more deals. This way, customers can save on insurance premiums and employees receive more commissions and a greater financial return.


3. Continuous training and constant support

DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees its employees initial and ongoing training. The entire training program is free and specialized in each business area.

Furthermore, all employees have the best technological tools at their disposal to perform their duties with high quality and efficiency.


4. Personal fulfillment

An insurance intermediary can make a decisive contribution to the well-being of their clients by finding the most advantageous solution for each specific case. And carrying out a profitable deal for all parties involved provides a unique feeling of satisfaction.


5. Professional recognition

There is no more motivating factor in a career than recognition for the work, effort and dedication that each employee invests in an organization. DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES is aware of the importance of this factor and seeks to recognize the merit of its employees.


Are you considering building a career as an insurance intermediary? DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES is ready to welcome you and open the doors to a new stage in your life. Fill out the form and guarantee a profitable activity with a future!




Decisions and Solutions – Credit Intermediaries, Lda, registered with the Bank of Portugal, as a Linked Credit Intermediary, under no. 926, verifiable at -credito is a mediator registered with the ASF, since 29 September 2009, with the category of Insurance Agent, under no. 409311648/3, with authorization for Life and Non-Life, verifiable at The insurance intermediary does not assume risk coverage. Decisions and Solutions – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda, holder of AMI License No. 9300 issued by IMPIC, I.P.