Build a successful career at DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES!

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has a network of over 100 shops in Portugal. It is a market leader in the field of property consultancy and credit intermediation. Over the last few years, it has gained the credibility and trust of its employees, clients and business partners in the banking and insurance sectors.

The company is licensed to carry out credit intermediation, insurance and property brokerage work. Due to its position in the market, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees its clients excellent and differentiated treatment in terms of financial and property advice.

On the other hand, its social responsibility is to provide attractive career opportunities for its employees. At DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, you can build a successful career as a shop manager, sales manager, property or insurance consultant or credit manager.

The 5 main business areas of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES
For those looking to develop a successful career in real estate, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is the ideal place. The company’s scope of action covers all areas of the industry, giving its employees the opportunity to become a reference.

Get to know the 5 main areas in which DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES operates:

1. Property Brokerage

Guarantees excellent advice for those interested in buying, selling or renting property. The company’s principle is to provide a personalised and close relationship with the client.

2. Construction work

Supports its clients in small works or even in remodelling their properties. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees excellent solutions and services in this area.

3. Property construction

For those who want to build a property, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES provides private or business clients with quality advice on all types of construction. It has collaboration protocols with experienced partners in this field.

4. Credit intermediation

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is the largest credit intermediation network in Portugal. It guarantees home loan solutions as well as other financial products, according to the needs of the individual or business client.

5. Insurance brokerage

It endeavours to provide its clients with advantageous offers in terms of price/quality in relation to the client’s insurance needs. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES mediates all kinds of products in this field.

6 Reasons to choose a career at DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS

1. Operates in 5 major business areas

If you want to develop a career in real estate, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees you the chance to deepen your skills in the different dimensions of this sector. Join a company that develops a unique and differentiating business model.

2. Be part of a nationwide business network

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, more than just a company, is a business network that guarantees all its employees a source of sharing, knowledge and help. It is made up of a central multidisciplinary structure that provides specific support in different areas.

3. Guarantees training and ongoing support

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees its employees initial and ongoing training. In addition, the entire training programme is free and specialised in each of the business areas.

4. Offers you the best technological tools

All DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES employees have access to technological tools to carry out their work with high efficiency and quality.

5. Provides a wide range of partnerships and protocols

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has privileged relationships with banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and construction companies. This guarantees employees a wide range of options for providing advantageous business solutions to their clients.

6. Recognise your employees’ work

There is no more motivating factor in an employee’s career than being recognised for their work. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES starts from this premise, recognising the merit of its employees and shops.

Do you want to join the largest property consultancy network operating in Portugal? Do you want to build a successful career as a consultant or even open your own shop? Visit our website and contact us using the form.


Decisões e Soluções – Intermediários de Crédito, Lda, registered with the Bank of Portugal, as a Linked Credit Intermediary, under no. 926, verifiable at www.bportugal.pt/intermediarios-credito, is a mediator registered with the ASF, since 29 September 2009, with the category of Insurance Agent, under no. 409311648/3, with authorisation for Life and Non-Life, verifiable at www.asf.com.pt. The insurance intermediary does not take out risk cover. Decisões e Soluções – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda, holder of AMI Licence no. 9300 issued by IMPIC, I.P.