New record: DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES earns 55 million in 2022

The DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group continues its affirmation and growth in the national market. 2022 was the year to establish a new turnover record: turnover grew 37% and reached 55 million euros. This is a joint result of the different business areas in which the group is involved.

 Positive results in the three main areas of activity

 One of the biggest highlights of the year for the group came from Credit Intermediation, where a market share of 10% was achieved in 2022 . In total, 12,983 credit deeds were made with a global value of 1,460 million euros.

Closing last year with an insurance portfolio of 32 million euros, Insurance Mediation was also one of the areas highlighted. These results leave high expectations for 2023, with this market growing fast in Portugal and with a lot of room for progression< /strong>.

At a time when Real Estate was also a highlight in Portugal, the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group closed the year with an excellent result in sales of real estate. A turnover of 335 million euros was generated.

Expansion into new business areas

 Entering new business areas has been a clear commitment by the group to support core companies. In 2022, two more brands were born – DS AUTO and DS TRAVEL – which also had an important role in the growth of business volume. Paulo Abrantes, general director of DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES, confirms this.


“2022 was the best year ever for the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group in all its areas of activity.”


Today, the group is made up of eight distinct brands that continue to reinforce their presence and confidence in the Portuguese market. Each one has its own strengths, complementing each other. Are they:



DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group reaches 415 stores nationwide

Another factor that contributed to the group’s record turnover was the opening of new stores. Throughout 2022, across the country, 100 new store openings were contracted. This reinforces partners’ confidence in the vision and growth strategy of the different brands.

For 2023, the objectives set out by Paulo Abrantes continue to be ambitious: reaching the milestone of 600 stores. If achieved, this milestone will certainly give a strong boost to all areas of activity at DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES. Furthermore, it will also allow you to increase the number of customers, as well as employees.

More than 500 thousand customers have already trusted the brands of the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group

 With 20 years of experience in the market, the various brands of the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES Group already have a portfolio of 500 thousand customers in Portugal. This value accounts for the 65 thousand new customers acquired in 2022 by the group’s 3,800 employees.

Visit the DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES website to find out more about the services provided and the investment and collaboration opportunities in this continually expanding network!




Decisões e Soluções – Intermediários de Crédito, Lda., registada no Banco de Portugal, como Intermediário de Crédito Vinculado, sob o n.º 926, verificável em é mediador inscrito na ASF, desde 29 setembro 2009, com a categoria de Agente de Seguros, sob o n.º 409311648/3, com autorização para Ramos Vida e Não Vida, verificável em O mediador de seguros não assume a cobertura de riscos. Decisões e Soluções – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda., titular da Licença AMI n.º 9300 emitida pelo IMPIC, I.P.