You are looking for a house and now with the quarantine you have more availability to choose properties, but what you would really like to do is visit them?! Now it’s possible. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, the largest 100% national Real Estate Consulting network operating in Portugal, due to the State of Emergency in which Portugal finds itself, is using technology so that all Portuguese people looking for a home can visit properties, remotely, through lives, real estate videos, 360º virtual visits and/or video calls whenever clients are willing to do so.

“We are adapting our entire business strategy in order to keep all our services active. In this sense, new technologies have been a perfect ally for everything to remain operational, particularly in the area of property sales, in which it has been possible for our agents to be able to present the properties they have available virtually to potential clients without that they have to move” says Guida Sousa, National Coordinating Director of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES.

In addition to this new development, with regard to the credit and insurance areas, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has its entire network available via email and telephone for free advice in order to help the population overcome this phase. Practical examples of help that the network of agencies located from the north to the south of the country and islands are providing, in the case of credit, involves carrying out a free assessment, to check whether the current credit conditions are the most appropriate, carrying out a consolidation of themselves, among other operations, which will allow you to save money, which at a time like the one Portugal is experiencing could make all the difference, and the same applies in the case of insurance in which an analysis is also carried out in order to understand whether the Existing insurance is the most suitable in terms of coverage and price. The objective of this advice is to allow Portuguese people to analyze their finances even from home and thus be able to save money, without incurring any costs.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is also internally preparing its 100 agencies and around 1000 employees for a new way of working, with training in the various areas of activity via e-learning, when previously this was given in person, such as example, in digital marketing, so that they have all the tools and solutions necessary to respond remotely to more than 400,000 customers distributed nationwide.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is a nationwide network that provides a personalized and independent advisory service to individuals and companies, with 360º solutions in terms of buying, selling and renting properties, as well as in terms of bank credit, insurance, works remodeling and construction of properties. https://decisoesesolucoes.com/