On October 3rd, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES celebrated its first year of activity in SANTO TIRSO. During these first 12 months, the agency made its services available to more than 500 clients. Although it has already resumed in-person service, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES SANTO TIRSO continues to provide a 100% effective response to its customers, via email and telephone, thus avoiding unnecessary trips. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES SANTO TIRSO has 28 employees and operates in the areas of Real Estate Mediation, Construction Mediation, Property Construction, Credit Intermediation and Insurance Mediation.

According to Carlos Coelho, Director of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES SANTO TIRSO, “It was not exactly what we expected for the first year, respectively the last 6 months with the sudden arrival of this pandemic. However, the DS Santo Tirso team showed a fantastic ability to adapt that allowed us to always remain active. Starting this project was a dream come true, keeping it alive has been a challenge, but we are all to be congratulated and we have everything it takes to be a successful agency, namely an excellent team, clients who trust us and excellent partners which enable us to present the best services at the best prices every day, helping our population to save time and money, through a free service”.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is a national company that provides a personalized and independent advisory service to individuals and companies, with 360º solutions in terms of buying, selling and renting properties, as well as in terms of bank credit, insurance, renovation works and construction of houses.

The brand currently has around 100 agencies, 1000 employees and more than 400,000 customers distributed nationwide. www.decisoesesolucoes.com

DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS SANTO TIRSO: Avenida Sousa Cruz, 647 4780 – 365 Santo Tirso | phone: 913176017 | email: carlosmcoelho@decisoesesolucoes.com