DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES FARO is celebrating two years in business. During these years of activity, the agency has provided its services to hundreds of clients. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is a national company that provides a personalised and independent advisory service to individuals and companies, with 360º solutions in terms of buying, selling and renting property, as well as in terms of bank loans, insurance, refurbishment work and home construction.

According to Patrícia Lopes, Director of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES FARO, “Two years have flown by and now, with the current context, they make us want to carry on even more. We seriously believe that our free, specialised advice, available in a single space, can change people’s lives and that is our goal. We’re all to be congratulated on the journey we’ve travelled so far, and we’re ready for many more years to come. We have the right team, clients who trust us every day and the ideal partners to help us provide a service of excellence.”

Although it has now resumed face-to-face service, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES FARO continues to provide a 100 per cent efficient response to its customers via email and telephone, thus avoiding unnecessary travelling. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES FARO has 7 employees and operates in the areas of Real Estate Mediation, Construction Mediation, Property Construction, Credit Intermediation and Insurance Mediation.