7 Tips for being a successful real estate consultant!

Being a real estate consultant is a complex profession and involves much more than selling properties. In a market full of challenges and in constant change, there are personal and professional characteristics that can be decisive for your success!

Discover, in this article, 7 tips for achieving good results in the real estate market. After applying them, attracting new customers, gaining loyalty and selling properties will be the natural result of your investment!

1.  Work on your personal brand as a real estate consultant

The personal brand is that set of characteristics on which clients base themselves to choose you over another professional. It’s what makes you stand out from the competition.

So, more than focusing on selling a property, focus on providing the best service possible. If customers are satisfied with your work, it is very likely that they will use your services again or, better yet, recommend them. Therefore, invest in careful, excellent and professional service, which guarantees the satisfaction of all customers who seek you.

2. Promote your work and properties

In addition to using traditional forms of communication, such as pamphlets and social media, it is essential that you have a presence on the internet. Investing in a website or social networks will help create a better dynamic between you and your customers (or reach potential customers) and allows you to publicize your only his properties, but also his work as real estate consultant.

email marketing is another increasingly used means of communication and can be quite interesting. Sending newsletters with quality content that is of interest to your customers can help build a closer and more effective relationship. Make clear, however, the possibility of unsubscribing to avoid the opposite effect and considering your emails as spam.

3. Know your area of activity: geographic area, properties and clients

It is essential that you make a good recognition of your geographical area of operation. The better you know the neighborhood and the surrounding area, the greater your ability to recognize trends and opportunities. Use the conventional method and talk to the neighborhood living in the target areas.

To be able to present and promote your properties, you need to know them in depth. Try to find out as much information as possible about each of the properties. This knowledge shows that you know what you do and creates bonds of trust between you and the client.

Knowing who your potential clients are is also essential so that you can communicate your properties and present them in the best way based on their profile.

4. Be available

The fact that you are available helps to build a relationship of trust and is a factor highly valued by customers. Be approachable, answer all questions, never arrive late and avoid canceling an appointment as much as possible. It is essential that the client feels that the real estate consultant is dedicated 100% to their case.

5. Listen to your customer

It is up to the real estate consultant to listen carefully to clients’ wishes and then act accordingly. Therefore, adopt active listening and ask the right questions. This way, you will understand what is really important to your client. If, right from the start, you can understand what the customer values, it will be easier to present them with ideal solutions.

6. Invest in continuous training

The real estate market is permanently changing. It is, therefore, very important that you follow trends and know how to adjust. Take part in events related to the real estate sector, such as lectures or debates with other professionals, and take specialized courses.

Stay informed, study and invest in continuous and specialized training. It is a fundamental action to guarantee your success as a real estate consultant.

7. Create a good network of contacts and partnerships

real estate consultancy is a people business, so trust and credibility are essential. That’s why the ability to generate contacts through referencing other people is the most efficient way to capture potential customers. referrals may come from former clients, your circle of influence or the content you create for the digital medium.

Furthermore, invest in building a contact network. Meet more people, inside and outside your area of activity, and expand your partnerships with notary offices, law firms or accounting offices.


As you can see, information is power! Visit our blog and read the various articles that we have prepared useful information about the area of real estate mediation. Continue investing in your knowledge and become a successful real estate consultant!




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