Buying or selling a house: Why choose DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES?

Buying, selling or renting a house can, for the average person, be a complicated task. There are a series of variables to consider during the process, which are decisive for the outcome of the negotiations, but which not all participants understand. It was on this assumption that DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES created its business model.

The company has built a real estate consultancy network across the country, to meet the needs of its clients, and is the market leader in Portugal, having achieved 50% growth in the 1st half of 2021, when compared to the same period last year.

If you intend to carry out a business in the real estate sector, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES guarantees you support at all levels. In addition to personalized service, it provides 360° support in terms of purchasing, selling, leasing, bank credit intermediation, insurance and works.

7 Reasons to choose the #1 real estate consultant

In addition to being a leading company in the real estate market in Portugal, DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES offers a set of advantages to its clients. The objective is to always look for the most advantageous solution for these.

Today we give you 7 reasons to choose DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS when negotiating a property.

1. It is the largest real estate consultancy network nationwide

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has more than 100 stores spread across the country. Regardless of the area where you want to negotiate a property, its professionals are available to provide you with an excellent real estate consultancy service. On the other hand, it has a privileged relationship with several key partners from different areas related to the real estate market.

2. Provide a personalized advisory service

At DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, each client receives personalized service. All consultancy work carried out by this company’s professionals is adapted to the needs of clients, in order to provide them with the most profitable and advantageous deals.

3. Provides bank credit counseling

It is especially when buying a house or building/renovating a property that customers most value bank support. In this sense, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES complements its real estate mediation service with credit intermediation work, presenting banking products from partner entities to both companies and individuals.

In the first six months of the year, this segment of activity registered a growth of 65% in terms of the volume of credit contracted, which proves that the consultant has gained the trust of more and more clients.

4. Proposes advantageous insurance solutions

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has protocols with several insurance companies. When you turn to this real estate consultant, you will find proposals that suit you, not only relating to life and home insurance, but also products in the automotive sector, commercial multi-risk, personal accidents, among others.

In this context, it is worth mentioning a 29% increase in agents’ turnover between the 1st half of 2020 and the same period of 2021. The issuance of health insurance was the one that had the most pronounced growth, reaching an increase of 143%.

5. Provides advice and mediation of works

Whatever the intention regarding a property, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES offers its clients a specialized service in advising and mediating works. If you want to carry out small or large renovations, this real estate consultancy has as partners leading companies in the field.

On the other hand, if building a property is your desire, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES provides private and business support for the construction of all types of buildings.

6. It is staffed by qualified and experienced professionals

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES strives to guarantee excellent conditions and tools for its professionals. The company provides all employees with ongoing training and support in the legal, IT or marketing and communication areas, for example. Furthermore, it uses cutting-edge technological tools, guaranteeing human resources solutions adapted to the needs of the sector.

7. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is a rapidly growing company

Being the market leader in Portugal in the real estate sector, DECIÕES E SOLUÇÕES maintains a growth trend. In 2020, despite the pandemic crisis, it grew 21%. In the first six months of 2021, it recorded growth of 50% and signed eight contracts for the opening of new stores.

Do you intend to negotiate, remodel or build a property? Do you want to have 360° consultancy using a company that provides reliable and excellent service? Count on DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS! Visit our website for more detailed information and contact us for personalized service!


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