6 Reasons to create your own business at DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES

Creating your own business is the ambition of everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. But it’s not always easy to take the first step. We know well that, at the same time as we want to move towards independence, there is always the fear of fail.

Have you ever thought that, when moving forward, it might be a good choice to team up with a partner who gives you more security? Having a base from which to develop your work may be the impetus you need to start a new chapter in your life. Therefore, joining a network already established in the market, in many cases, proves to be the most correct option.

We want you to create your own business with confidence. Therefore, we show you the advantages of joining the DECISIONS AND SOLUTIONS network.

1. The strength of the brand

Entering the market with a strong brand is an advantage when creating your own business. Prestige, recognition and credibility  ;These are important elements that influence customers’ decision making.

This is the case of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, a company that is the market leader in its business segment, with a growing presence in the most important national media outlets. Its marketing actions, carried out from the north to the south of the country, have reinforced its image of trust and professionalism.

2. Business model ready to apply

Anyone who chooses to be part of an already established network will work based on an already tested business model. In the case of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, you already know, from the outset, that the success rate is high . When creating your own business within this network, you have the possibility of operating in 5 areas:

Real Estate Mediation;

Mediation of Works;

Property Construction Mediation;

Credit Intermediation;

Insurance Mediation.

This variety of services allows you to offer 360 solutions to your customers, giving them the answers they need in such complementary areas. Furthermore, you will be working in a highly profitable market.

3. Continuous training

Typically, networks that allow you to create your own business provide a strong training component. This is an important step that ensures that the entire brand is governed by the same values and working methods

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has the permanent objective of growing and gaining the trust of more and more customers. That is why training its partners is one of its pillars of action. Anyone who joins this network has access to training:

Specialized, in each of the group’s areas of activity;

4. Constant monitoring

Sometimes, creating your own business can prove to be more challenging than you initially imagined. Therefore, it is important to be integrated into a network that is there for you, whenever you need it.

In the case of DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, professionals are in permanent contact with national and regional centers. These coordinations’ main function is to support and monitor the activity of all members of the network.

Furthermore, the company has specialized departments that help stores in the most different areas, such as:

– Training;
– Communication and Marketing;
– Computing;
– Legal;
– Financial;
– Administrative and Material Management.

5. Access the technology you need

Incorporating technological solutions is one of the major costs that anyone who intends to create their own business has to face. ahead. When entering the market, supported by a network like DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES, these questions are simpler.

For its teams, the company provides a custom-developed CRM, as well as a management program  exclusive. Furthermore, modern technological tools are accessible so that all employees can achieve the best results.

6. Portfolio of partnerships already established

When creating your own business, another advantage you find in a network is being able to take advantage of existing partnerships. These are valuable for the new store, but also for the chain itself. Using them offers, from the outset, better conditions for everyone to achieve success.

Nowadays, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has several protocols established. Furthermore, it has a privileged relationship with:

✓ Banking institutions;
✓ Financial;
✓ National insurance companies;
✓ Construction and construction companies.

Advantages of creating your own business

We have already discussed the advantages of creating your own online business. But, in personal terms, what can you achieve by taking such an important step? Here are the benefits most appreciated by those who decide to invest in a renewed future professional:

– The business strategy and the success of the project depend on you;
– More achievement and professional recognition;
– Possibility to create your own team, with people you like and trust;
– Greater ability to time management;
– Openness to work whenever and wherever you want;
Yield above average, although there may be some greater uncertainty in the initial phase.

Are you considering creating your own business? Do you believe that DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES could be the ideal partner for you? So, talk to us. Together we will be able to go further.


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